Defending Disappoints Boss

By ianj

STEVEN GERRARD reckons Rangers showed two different sides to themselves in a 4-3 loss to Spartak Moscow tonight.Leading 3-2 at half-time, Gers ended up on the losing side, with Gerrard ‘bitterly disappointed’ with his side’s defending.Speaking at the post-match press conference, the manager said: “We are very disappointed with the result. I think you saw two sides of our performance today – I think we attacked very well and I thought we were very dangerous and countered very bravely and got our rewards for that to be in control of the game at half-time.“But for me, football is about levels and if you don’t defend properly and you don’t do the basics well enough, high-level players and high-level teams normally punish you and that was the case tonight, so we are disappointed with the result.“We didn’t do the basics well enough or clear our lines at the right time. At times positionally, we weren’t in the right positions.“People who have had a lot of praise and have done really, really well to get us to this stage just didn’t do the basics well enough – we didn’t clear our lines at the right times.“Normally, coming away to a place like …read more